Lync in Contractor Magazine: Effective Legionella Mitigation

Legionella is one of the leading causes of waterborne disease outbreaks in the U.S.

Legionella is a leading cause of waterborne disease outbreaks in the United States and cases are on the rise. An estimated 10% of reported Legionellosis cases are fatal and outbreaks cost facility owners more than $1 billion annually, on average, due to lawsuits, treatment, and lost work hours. The good news is that facility owners have a highly effective tool available to prevent such dire consequences: a water management program.  

In the August issue of Contractor Magazine, Lync’s Conrad Jahrling, Product Manager, and Scott Alford, National Account Manager for Healthcare, address the critical steps and key considerations, from best practices to equipment, behind an effective water management program to mitigate the risk of Legionella outbreaks and other pathogens in the water heating system.


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