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Complete, Compact Domestic Hot Water Systems

Element® Q is an all-in-one domestic hot water solution for commercial applications that enables building owners and maintenance staff to confidently control, manage and maintain high regulatory standards in their domestic hot water system for safe, reliable water and greater energy and water efficiency. It combines high-efficiency water heating, multi-barrier pathogen mitigation and water quality treatment in a smart, certified, and ultra-compact appliance.


Our LC Series are complete, fully engineered domestic hot water system solutions for commercial applications. Expertly designed by the manufacturer, LC-N and LC-Q combine high efficiency water heaters, precise digital tempering valves, and AquaSolve® anti-scale technology to deliver safe, reliable hot water through a compact, pre-assembled, redundant system.


Bolt is an electric storage tank that functions as a versatile water heater that can be used to drive or support a variety of electrification efforts, including if  used with heat pumps as building recirculation heater, as full system backup, or as a standalone heater.

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Element Q

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399-1000 MBH
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800-2400 MBH
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Electric Storage Tank
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