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Lync, a Single-source Provider of Expertly Designed and Assembled Domestic Hot Water Solutions, Delivers Maximum Efficiency, Safety and Improved Water Quality 


Watts Water Technologies launches Lync, a new brand that provides complete, pre-assembled, commercial domestic hot water system solutions designed to reduce project timelines, lower installation and maintenance costs, and deliver superior efficiency, safety and water quality.


Lync’s solutions address today’s growing concerns in the commercial market about degrading water quality conditions, keeping building occupants safe by mitigating the risks of infection from water-borne pathogens, and installing an optimized system that provides maximum reliability, efficiency and low lifecycle costs.


“Lync combines advanced water technologies with best-in-class engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide cost-effective, reliable solutions that can be easily dropped into designs and quickly installed. We’ve streamlined planning, installation and operation, and offer a single point of contact for service and support so owners, engineers and contractors are able to save valuable time and money,” said Jim Dagley, President of Watts Heating & Hot Water Solutions.   


Complete, Compact Solutions for Greater Performance and Peace of Mind

Lync’s offering includes LC-N and LC-Q water heating solutions; WQ-AS, WQ-UV and WQ-SF water quality solutions; and Aegis A and Aegis W, North America’s first CO2 powered heat pumps. 


Lync’s intuitive, optimized system components are seamlessly integrated and connected by the teams who designed and manufactured them, ensuring superior reliability and eliminating the inconsistencies and guesswork that typically accompany equipment installed from various manufacturers. Solutions are configurable with multiple capacities and can be tailored to address specific site requirements and conditions for either new or retrofit projects.


“Our goal is to provide owners, engineers and contractors with peace of mind knowing that with a Lync solution in place, they have a complete, integrated system of the highest quality that has been carefully designed and assembled by the heating and hot water experts,” says Vincent D’Amore, Director of Product Solutions.



About Lync

Lync combines advanced technologies, innovative design and industry-leading manufacturing expertise to provide complete, cost-effective, engineered system solutions from a single-source that deliver superior safety, maximum efficiency and improved water quality for commercial and industrial markets. Lync’s expertly engineered, fully integrated and assembled compact solutions save money, minimize planning, design and installation time and deliver a greater return on investment.

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