New High-Flow Models for WQ-RS and WQ-SF

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Lync By Watts announces the addition of four new high-flow capacity models to the Lync WQ-RS Reverse Osmosis Systems and two new high-flow capacity models to the Lync WQ-SF Water Softener Systems. The new models have higher flow rate capacities in order to match a broader range of commercial and light industrial applications.

New WQ-RS models are:

  • WQRS-030-R: 21600 Gallons Per Day
  • WQRS-060-R: 43200 Gallons Per Day
  • WQRS-090-R: 86400 Gallons Per Day
  • WQRS-180-R: 172800 Gallons Per Day
  • New WQ-SF models are:

  • WQSF-200-N: 200 GPM
  • WQSF-300-N: 300 GPM


  • WQ-RS and WQ-SF are part of the Lync WQ Series of engineered water quality systems that effectively treat domestic water for improved safety, energy efficiency, and equipment lifespan. Visit the WQ-RS and WQ-SF product pages to download product info materials and learn more about the water quality systems. You can also contact your local sales representative to learn more about which water quality systems can be the right fit for your specific application.

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