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Find a selection of our most popular thought leadership articles and white papers below, written by Lync's team of industry specialists. They share their insights and knowledge on the current and future topics related to Lync's solutions and the water heating industry in general that can help you make better, more informed decisions - whether you are a specifying engineer, facility manager or building owner.

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Natural Refrigerants in Heat Pumps: Environmental and Operational Benefits

Heat pumps in domestic hot water systems is one design approach that can help meet government regulations concerned with decarbonization and electrification of the built environment. They use less direct energy than fossil fuel alternatives and can significantly reduce GHG emissions.

This paper examines common types of refrigerants and compare them with natural refrigerants, more specifically R-744. Learn about the operational and environmental benefits of natural refrigerants in heat pump water heating systems for commercial applications.

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Heat Pump Water Heating: Why Storage Tanks is Critical to an Efficient Design

For building owners and facility managers who decide to incorporate heat pumps into their commercial water heating system, one critical design consideration to realize is the need for domestic hot water storage. Even moderately sized commercial applications still require significant storage volumes to support heat pump water heaters.

In this paper, we review the advantages of hot water storage in a heat pump water heater system design and ways to reduce storage capacity needs in order to save money and improve energy efficiency.

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Legionella Mitigation: Effective Methods for Safer Domestic Hot Water

Facilities with large, complex water systems are prone to Legionella outbreaks. If the systems are not managed properly, the bacteria can grow in many types of equipment, such as water heaters.

In this paper, the external and internal factors that can lead to Legionella outbreaks are discussed and we outline how to effectively address and mitigate Legionella and pathogen growth in your commercial domestic hot water system

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