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Lync offers a wide range of high-quality onsite and online training courses to enable you to represent Lync to the best possible extent and deliver maximum value to your customers. Our hands-on, in-person courses take place in our training facilities in Texas and New York.

The courses are designed to provide practical skills that you can apply right away and is comprised of a blend of classroom and hands-on instruction to cover the topic in depth.

On our online learning center platform, technicians can keep skills and certifications up to date through e-learning courses, videos and other helpful tools.


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Lync Carousel - Aegis A and W

Aegis Service Technical Training

This course will cover how to start up an Aegis heat pump water heater - both air source or water source. This course is offered at our New York facility.

Course length: 1 day

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Training courses

Water Sampling and Analysis

Learn how to take water samples and conduct analyses in order to specify the optimal water treatment solution at site. Participants are welcome to bring a sample from a problematic site for testing, analysis and review. This course is currently being offered at our New York facility, but will be offered later this year in Fort Worth (TX) as well.

Course length: Half day

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ASPE 2021 Lync Presentation

Lync Bootcamp

The bootcamp is for Lync rep personnel only and brings attendees up to speed with “all things Lync”. The bootcamp takes place at our New York facility.

Course length: 2 1/2 days

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The following start dates of courses shown below have been scheduled for the coming months. Courses take place onsite at either our Fort Worth (TX) or Blauvelt (NY) facilities.


AERCO ATT Calendar

Course calendar

  • Aegis Service Technical Training: 5/17 and 6/21
  • Water Sampling and Analysis: 5/10 and 6/4
  • Lync Bootcamp: 5/15

    *Closed for new entries

    Subject to availability. For future, tentative course dates, please contact [email protected].

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